Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day In the Sun

We got to spend the majority of our day yesterday enjoying some sun and getting projects done around the house.

We moved our 10 bum lambs to the large tree patch in front of our house so that they'll be our natural lawn mowers and keep the grass down for some time. They love the grass!

Adam and Hazel are looking to seal off all the places that the lamb might escape. They're sneaky little things and like to try to find their way out.
This is Hazel's "new" toy. Its a Tonka truck that grandma gave her that had been put away from when my husband was a kid. I'm amazed she saved it this long! After pushing it up the road from grandma's house ( it was a LONG walk home),she decided to sit down and push herself around for a while.
My FIL ordered a huge load of rock to put in all the driveways out here, so now it should be a lot less muddy when it gets wet around here. Here they are leveling out the old gravel/dirt driveway.
And here is the finished driveway. YAY!!! Now my FIL convinced the hubs to build a patio out of pavers and even use larger pavers to widen our walkway! Another loud YAY! I've been trying to convince Adam to do this for a while now and we've just been putting it off. I'll post pictures when we get it done!
Here is the project that I did while the little one was down for her nap. I decided to paint my sewing machine desk since it was old and beaten up. Here is the before.
I used Krylon spray paints because they stick to plastic, wood, metal, and basically anything else you can think of.
I used the entire can of the aqua because it need a couple coats to cover this dark wood.
After letting the aqua color dry, I covered it with a bright cherry red.
I did some distressing or antiquing, whichever you want to call it. Here's the finished product!

I received some strawberry plants I ordered a month earlier than when they should have gotten here so I needed to work fast and get them planted. Its going to take a good green thumb and a cover over them at night so the frost won't get to them to make sure they live. I'm just hoping my thumb is green enough to make it work!
I bought this raspberry plant when we went to the "Big City" Easter weekend. It won't be planted for a couple more weeks so it comes out during the day to sun itself and comes in at night so it doesn't freeze.


Jennifer said...

LOVE your sewing machine cabinet! Super cute!
Your pictures are cute too! ;) Good luck with the strawberries. I want to try some this year...I'm kind of nervous though, rocky dry soil probably won't be very friendly to em'. ;) But I'm thinking on trying some raised beds, that is, if my hubby ever gets the time to build them for me. ;)

Hint of Grace said...

very cool sewing table! Love it! Great job


Gumbo Lily said...

Sunny days = Busy days.
Cute sewing cabinet.


Cheyenne said...


I found your blog through Ranch Girls and am enjoying looking at it. I have to stop skulking around on blogs and get some work done...

but, wanted to ask where you get that spray paint and how did you distress the table afterwards. I think I might just do the exact same thing with mine! I love it...


PS-We love coming down to is such a beautiful state and we have so much fun visiting. It's fun to even hit a gas station south of the border and try all the great chocolate bars out! :)