Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Toddler Sun Hat

It has been a beautiful spring week here on the ranch with warm sunny days. For us it means that its outdoor project and yard work time. We've been putting in a patio made of stone pavers (I'll post pics in a couple of days) at our back door this week, working in the flower beds, putting some fertilizer on the grass, planting wildflower seeds and so on.

With our little one running around with us, we have to be careful she doesn't get too much sun and turn into a little cherry, so I went searching online to find a pattern to make a sun hat for her to shade herself with. I came up with this for a pattern and then made the changes that I wanted to from there. Here's the steps I did:
1.) Instead of the one layer hat with the bias tape to cover the seams, I opted to make two layers since I didn't have bias tape. The inner layer is on the left and the outer layer on the right.
2.) Place the inner layer on top of the outer with the right sides of fabric together. Pin the edges and sew around the rim of the hat leaving one of the sections open so you can flip the hat right side out.
3.) After you flipped it right side out, tuck the inner layer of the hat and press around the edges. I top stitched around the rim to close the section I left open and for decoration.
4.) I sewed on some ribbon about an inch from the outside so that it won't blow away in our strong prairie winds. I also used some interfacing on the outer layer to make it a little stiffer, but you don't have to if you don't want to.


Hint of Grace said...

very cute hat! I bet it is super cute on Hazel.

Jennifer said...

Adorable!!! We're also working on a patio, it's a project that we started last summer. Hopefully we can finish it THIS summer. ;)

Gumbo Lily said...

Love the fabric combinations.