Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crib Protection From Teething

Well I started two projects yesterday for Hazel and I finally finished. The first one was a new fleece hat since her current one is starting to get a little too small and worn out. It was pretty simple to make and will last her through the rest of the winter. I couldn't get Hazel to hold still long enough to get a picture that wasn't blurry.

The next thing I made was a crib rail protector because Hazel's two bottom teeth are showing (Yay! Finally!) and I don't want her to chew up her crib like I had seen the nieces do. So I hopped online and I was just going to buy one of those plastic or soft strips to go across the bar but, they were $20 and more and I wasn't going to spend that much. So I searched online for some ideas and found a few here. So needless to say, I broke out the sewing machine and some scrap fabric and I probably spent about $5 making it. I know, I feel so cheap, but oh well. Here is a picture of it on the crib.

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