Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Book of Little Sayings

Last night hubs was showing me something on the computer and Hazel was out in the living room coloring, when all the sudden she comes running down the hallway yelling, "Uh oh! It's stuck!..."

Hazel: It's stuck, it's stuck!
Us: Whats stuck? Show us.

By this time we're going oh no, there is a lot that a 2 year old can get stuck and we're hoping its nothing too serious. She brings us out into the living room so that we can look out our back window. The moon was rising in the sky coming up over our big tree patch.

Hazel: Moon stuck in the trees! Oh man! Whatarewegonna (all one word) do?

The moon was behind a huge tree that was bare at the top and she thought that her moon had gotten stuck in the trees and was so concerned with what we were going to do to get it out of there. We had to tell her that it was coming unstuck and that it would come out soon. We waited and she got to stay up a little later than normal so she could see that her moon rose above the trees and wasn't stuck anymore.

What a funny girl! I think its time for me to make her a little notebook with all her fun and insightful sayings so that when she's older we can look back and have a laugh.

"I see the moon, and the moon sees me;
God bless the moon,
And God bless me."



Cheyenne said...

What a sweetheart. Definitely have a little notebook where you can write that stuff down.

Jennifer said...

How cute!

Storybook Woods said...

Hazel, is a doll. Do keep all those little things she says and does becuase it goes by fastttt. Clarice