Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jack Frost is Here

This morning I had a chance to sneak out while my daughter was still sleeping and take some pictures of the beautiful frost that was left behind from last nights thick fog. I even snuck in a few pictures of our Christmas lights. Even though we live out in the country and most people don't see them, its still nice to see a little bit of color out here. It always make me smile when we're on our way home and we can see our lights glowing from miles away! Now all I have to do is convince the hubs to do the whole house next year!
My arbor that the hubs built for me this last year. It looked so pretty!

Walking down the tree patch

Our young tree patch that's is only 3 years old

My poor Ash tree that we planted this year

The grass looked like a bunch of frozen french fries all over the ground.

Welcome to our home!

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