Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are You Ready?

I don't know about you ladies, but I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be here and probably not for the reason you're all thinking. Yes, yes it's a day of lots of yummy food, but I'm ready for it to be here and pass so I can have the excuse to start decorating my house for Christmas. Now, don't groan and go, "oh, she's one of those people." I am looking forward to the turkey, green bean casserole,pumpkin pie, and my mom and I are even going to give good ol' Martha Stewart's New York-Style Cheesecake a whirl this year. Now let me clarify something really quick. I'm excited to decorate my home. I'm not excited about the stores that have been decorating since the beginning of October. That's too early even for me.

What got me really excited was the arrival of my new Country Living magazine  yesterday in the mail.

What a plain and simple tree, but yet so pretty. I think I might forget all the glass and ball ornaments that I normally decorate the tree with and do this instead.

And then there is this fun garland in the magazine made from coffee filters that I think I'll give a try as well. Oh I'm so excited!

I've even caught myself humming Christmas tunes this week!
Are you all ready to decorate for the holidays or are you just going to hold off a little longer?

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