Sunday, July 4, 2010

9 Little Ducklings

Out here on the ranch we're in the middle of our haying season which keeps everyone busy with long days and even some long nights. Today, Hazel and I went out to visit the hubs while he was swathing, which is kind of like a giant lawn mower with a cab on it. He even let me make a couple passes with the swather as he sat beside me.

While he was out a little earlier he accidentally swathed over a nest of baby ducklings and killed their mama. He asked if we, my MIL and I, would come and get them and figure out what to do with them. So I headed back to the house to see what MIL wanted to do since she's a nature expert in my book. We decided to gather them up in a box and we put them in with our chicks, but the chicks weren't having any of that so we changed our plan.

The MIL and FIL thought that it would be best if we took them down to one of our larger dams and see if there were any ducks there that would like to adopt nine little duckies. When we got there, there was a pair of ducks on the water, but they flew away. We left the ducklings close to the water so that when the older ducks came back they would call out to them and follow their "new" parents.

MIL said a quick prayer over them and we're hoping that our nine little duckies have found a new family to love them. When she went back to the dam later to check on them, they were gone but she said there were a couple of pairs of ducks on the water and we're hoping one of these pairs took them in.


Cheyenne said...

I love it that your momma in law said a lil prayer over the ducks. We know God looks after all creatures, doesn't he?

Thanks for popping by my blog! Oh sewing projects...they go on and on, eh? Nope, I haven't sewn everything you've seen here, a bunch of ladies from our community......lots of farm wives and stay at home mamma's and I are getting together and we're going to start a lil online shop...and I'm thinking of starting a little brick & mortar shop out here here too to try and sell some of my sewing projects (and some of their's too.) When I had my baby, I had a hard time finding country and vintage stuff for we're creating some! Hooray! If you ever see anything you want.....just let me know.....I'd be happy to send some south of the border.

Hopefully you are done haying soon! We have had a TON of rain...way more than normal...everything is behind!

Jennifer said...

Aw, how cute!