Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sunshine On My Shoulders...

Makes me happy!

Well, we reached a nice and toasty 50* today. After spending last week in the negative temps, today felt amazing! This mom has been a little house crazy and has been sooooo thankful that the kids and I can get out and actually enjoy the day. This past weekend we got about 6-7 inches of snow, but today's weather took care of most of it.
 The creek that runs between the houses filled up and started flowing pretty good towards the end of the afternoon. It's normally dry most of the year except for days like today when the water is flowing all over. We're supposed to be in the mid 40's for the rest of the week and into the 50's again this weekend. 

The lambing season is over and the first calves are on the ground and there are plenty more to come! Have a good rest of the week and enjoy the weekend everyone! Hopefully you're all enjoying decent weather where you're at.

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