Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sun Bathing

Today you can find me lounging around here in this rocking chair, sun bathing like a lazy cat. We've been a busy house this month mixed in with all kinds of sickness. Earlier this month our middle child, Mary, turned 3 and the very next day hubby turned the big 30. I threw him a party with Pioneer Woman's Lasagna followed by German chocolate cake with coconut frosting. I figured we'd better do something on this big day since Mary's birthday is the day before his, and he doesn't really get birthdays anymore. Oh the price of being an adult :)
We finally had our "house warming" party and had the house filled with friends and family. We're only 7 months behind, but that's okay. Most had already seen the house so it was more of an excuse to have everyone over and have a good time and let the kids run wild. Then this past weekend, hubs wanted to break-in his new garage by having a man party. The menfolk came out and I made some nachos and they drank some beer and smoked cigars and played poker until midnight. When everyone went home around 12:30 in the morning, we quickly realized we're too old for this staying up late stuff and paid dearly for it the next day.
On Sunday we had our little man dedicated at our local church. We as a family and extended family, decided to make the commitment to submit little Jack to the Lord's will and to raise him according to God's word. It was a beautiful ceremony, and such an amazing promise to share with our family and even the church family.
The household has been sick on and off all month passing yuckiness from one to another. I have been fortunate to not catch anything until this past week. How I managed that, I'm not sure. But now my turn has finally come up and I'm paying the price. I feel like I have a helium balloon attached to my neck and running a low fever on and off. Just enough to drag you down. On top of that, all the kids have the same cold, cough and fever. Blah. So today I've finally dug down somewhere deep inside and pulled up the energy to get up and open the blinds and let some glorious sunshine in, try to catch up on some laundry, and do a little cleaning around the house. I think I'm doing it more because I would be really embarrassed if anyone came over and saw the state of my stale dirty house right now. It's not fun trying to take care of the kids and house when you're sick yourself, but we're chewing up lots of Vitamin C and water in hopes of feeling better soon.

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