Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby Jack


He's Here!
We welcomed baby Jack to the family on Sunday.
He's a healthy big boy and we're all in love!
Now to get some extra sleep.


Rachel said...

Oh, he is beautiful!! So happy for you, congratulations!!

Cheyenne said...

OH, precious lil' man! Jack is such a fine, strong name too. Great job, mama and a huge congratulations. We have little boys who are six weeks apart - so very fun.

Friend, I will pray for you in these early days - and will think of you tonight when I'm feeding my wee man. Do you take many cereal crops off in your area? On these warm days our windows are wide open at night, and I can sometimes hear the hum of the combines in the distance at night...the air is heavy with dust and the moon boasts that beautiful orange hue -- anyway,helps me not feel so alone at night. Hoping you hear a combine or two, and know that you have a sister in Alberta praying for you.

You have a beautiful family. Blessings!

grampy said...

We now have 10 perfect great grandchildren!!! We are sooooo blessed. Can't wait to see ya'll. Aiming for the week before Christmas. Love to all! Nanny & Grampy

Jaimi_C said...

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. This first week always seems a little tough to get through, but we are all fed, dressed, and making it on our little bit of sleep so it can't be too bad ;)

We don't have any cereal crops here, but the windows are open at night enjoying this crisp air that is moving in and letting us know that fall is here, and winter will soon follow. Enjoy these beautiful days with your family while you can. Take care and God Bless!