Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Happenings

The summer will be winding down here in another month or so, so I figured I better catch you up on all the happenings around here. I've been pretty negligent towards the blog. We've been overly dry here and I've been trying to keep my yard in a semi-green state and have been fighting off grasshoppers left and right. This is the driest I've ever seen the ranch since we moved home a little over six years ago. When we first moved out here, I remember my MIL telling me that there were some years when there just wasn't much for a yard because there was so little water. Back then I thought, "yeah right, that can't be possible." Well this year I'm seeing that to some degree. We're not that bad yet, but it hasn't been so great either. The fire danger has been high and even though we're happy to see rain in the forecast, you're just praying that there will be enough rain to go with the lightening.

My garden has been doing great. I picked my first ever cucumber the other day, my tomato plants are full of large "Beefsteak" tomatoes just waiting to turn red, the carrots are getting to an edible size, and every couple of days we get 3-4 raspberries off my few bushes. I just love being able to go outside and pick a snack out of the garden. 

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Here is my log planter that Adam and my FIL so lovingly cut and hollowed out for me. They were good sports about having to hollow it out, at least to my face, but when I left I'm sure they were thinking, "what has she gotten us into now?" All I know is that they love me, and that's the only reason they would do such a silly task.

A couple weeks ago we loaded the kids up and packed a picnic and went fishing for the first time ever since we've been a couple. We lease a piece of land that has an almost empty river running through it and decided we'd round up the neighbors (hubby's family) fishing poles and give it a shot. Hubs isn't much of a fisher or hunter so we don't normally do such things. I grew up going fishing quite often and I was surprised to say I knew more about fishing than my husband did. Just don't tell him I said that, he'll never admit it. We caught a catfish that was a little over a foot long and Hazel caught a carp. She was pretty proud of herself.

Back at the beginning of the month, we had a pretty serious fire out here on the ranch. A storm had blown through with no rain and packed with lightening. Hubs noticed the smoke and by the time they had gotten to it with the sprayer, the wind had picked up and the fire was taking off in the dry grass and sagebrush. Our volunteer firefighters, who are just ranchers with pick-ups carrying sprayers on the back, started showing up one by one to help fight the fire. With the winds blowing as hard as they were, the fire was getting beyond their control fast. All of the sudden our prayers were answered and God let down a heavy rain putting it out. After the rain, a part of it did spark back up, but all the guys were able to get it back out and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) guys were kind enough to sit on it over night and the next day. This was the view from our back window. It burned a little over a thousand acres within a 14 mile perimeter that crossed a couple of pastures.  

Charlie Duke hanging out of the water truck.

Over the past 24 hours we've had just under an inch of rain to help ease some of the dryness and the rest of the week looks like we'll be enjoying nice temps in the 80's and 70's. It seems as if fall is trying to sneek in a little early, which I definitely wouldn't mind at all.

Have a good week!

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