Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hemming Jeans

I'm 5'7", not too short, not too tall, just an average height gal. When I go shopping for jeans I have the problem of a regular length pair of jeans being just a tad too short and tall pants being way too long.

Being forced to have to buy tall pants so that I wasn't wearing what we call, "high waters", I needed to find some way of hemming my pants so I wasn't dragging inches of jeans underfoot, and wouldn't have to take them to town and pay for alterations. A few years back my MIL hemmed my first pair for me, but this time I just had her pin them to the correct length and I did the sewing. I need to get another pair of town pants, so my old town pants can become home/work pants and it made me think of all you ladies who might have the same problem as me. 

The tutorial here shows you how to shorten your pants without losing the natural hem at the bottom, which was something that I wanted. She has lots of pictures and makes it easy for even a beginner sewer to do. Now I just have to find that perfect fitting jean out there. Do they exist? Happy sewing.


Jennifer said...

If you find them, let me know!
I always wear a tall, and I'm 5'! Regulars are too short, even for me! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Gumbo Lily said...

Sewing is such a great skill to know for things just like this. It's encouraging to me to hear about you younger gals sewing and doing alterations on your own clothing. Well done!