Thursday, May 17, 2012

Laid Back Day

The potatoes, onions and a few flower seeds are in the ground and are kicking off the gardening season around here. I've been getting ancy to get more veggies and flowers in the ground, but I know better. With our northern weather, you never know what you are going to get day to day. We had a pretty relaxed Mother's Day around here doing some things that I love to do. We loaded up the kiddos and took off in the Ranger and went in search of some special goodies to bring home.  

First off, we headed to an old, run-down homestead that's on our ranch in search of some windows. I found this window (below) on Pinterest, of course, and thought it would be a great idea to make for someday when the kiddos get old enough and I could use each section for a child to list their chores for the week, or what they need to work on for school that day. Unfortunately we didn't find any windows like this, but I'll keep searching around.

After looking for windows we buzzed around the ranch in search of an old dead cottonwood log that we could use as a planter for the house like the one below. We found a couple that would work well, but I just have to wait until hubby gets some free time to go cut it to size, bring it home and hollow it out.

 Here is the newest addition to the family, Charlie Duke. I liked Charlie, hubby liked Duke (he's a John Wayne fan) so we just decided to combine them, but he usually goes by just Charlie. He's a mellow little pup who is part Australian Shepherd and part Border Collie. Now if I can just keep him from digging up the garden he'll turn out to be one awesome dog.

Have a good Week!


Jennifer said...

Don't you just hate finding fun projects on Pinterest, but then NOT being able to find the things to make said project.
Such a bummer!

Rachel said...

Oh, yes, I think that those projects are lovely. But, like Jenn said, it's hard to find the stuff to make them all.... which is such a bummer!

Cheyenne said...

Ah ha! I think we are SOUL SISTERS! Seriously! Do you know what I was just working on with literally a baby hanging off my hip and one running around my feet asking "what's this? what's this?" Was a very similar window frame! I've been hoarding/collecting junk for awhile and am trying to make myself finish stuff. Sometimes I wonder why I start this stuff, when there is work to be done INSIDE & OUT now....oh my. It's fun though and good for the brain. And I bet as I bet, that it was just awesome motoring around on the ranger, no? Just feels good being outside, eh?

I hope you have a great week (and on a random note, your pup is ever so cute!)