Monday, October 24, 2011

Ranger Bin

We're into re-purposing old things around here on our ranch even if its a piece of tin, fence post, barn wood, or even an old cake bin like the one above. If it can be used for another purpose, then why not? This past weekend the guys of the family got together and fancied up (I say that very loosely) this old cake bin  so that the hubs can use it as a garage for his Ranger that he drives everywhere. They put in a roller door and a small window on the side.

It will also serve as a little bit of extra storage for me to put my outdoor stuff such as hoses, pots, soil and lawn mower in for the winter. I know she's not very pretty right now, but next spring I think we'll get it painted, maybe a light sage color, and I even might sneak some little shutters and a flower box around the window just to spruce it up to a ladies standards. If the hubs had his way he would just leave it as is, but lucky me, I have a husband who doesn't really care too much what his wife does to make things look nice.  

Other than that, we're weaning some more calves, hubs and his parents are working the sheep today to trim around some of their eyes so they won't be wool blind. When a sheep is wool blind it means their wool grows so thick that it covers their eyes and they literally can't see where they are going with all that fluff and ice build-up around their eyes, so we trim it away.  We decorated pumpkins and roasted the seeds last night and we tried again to tell Hazel what happens on Halloween. All she can remember is that she gets to dress up like a cowgirl, not very original I know, but that's what she loves at the moment, and she gets to go ask for treats. Oh to be a kid again!

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


Gumbo Lily said...

The Ranger Bin is terrific and I think you're gonna love the extra storage. I'm looking forward to seeing how you fancy-it-up.

Happy Halloween!

Jennifer said...

How handy!