Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain, Hail, and Funnel Clouds...Oh my!

It all started on a dark dark night, a long time ago...well actually is was a pretty decent night, Thursday night to be exact, when a nasty storm blew in from the west. We didn't think it was going to do much to us besides rain a little since it seemed to be heading south away from us. At the last minute it decided to switch directions a little bit and drop some marble sized hail, heavy rain, and strong winds on us. My garden is in real bad shape and some of our hay fields are pretty much ruined from the hail and winds. We got about in inch and a half of rain that caused the creek bed next to my in-laws house to flood over the road and into their yard. My father-in-law said he's only seen that happen one other time in his life. We've been seeing a lot of unsual weather out here on the ranch this year.

View from the front porch

Whats left of some of our hay fields. All the hay and grass is laying flat and the the alfalfa is mostly  broken stems with the leaves torn off.

Then on Friday this guy decided to show up to the east of the houses. It never did anything but its presence what enough for me to pack up the girls and head over to the in-laws basement for a while.

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