Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garden Happenings

Most of this week has been spent outside getting the garden and yard ready for the summer. We got a late start this year because a couple weeks ago we got over 7 inches of rain in one week, and for the month of May we've had almost 9 inches of moisture, only a couple inches under the amount of moisture that we're supposed to get in a whole year! Plants , seeds and flowers are finally in the ground and really to grow.

 The hubs moved one of my raised beds so it can get a little more sunshine and built me another one to match so now I have everything planted in raised beds. Its going to be so nice not having a large garden to pick weeds out of all year.

 Columbine in full bloom. I just love the flowers!

This morning we woke up to find Adam's Ranger in the middle of the back yard. Last night we had a nasty storm blow in around 1:30 a.m. with some very strong winds. I felt like I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and that we were going to be carried off to some magical world. When your bed is shaking because of the wind outside you know its strong.

Earlier this week I whipped up this quick little fleece sack for Mary since she's had a really bad habit of trying to smother herself by throwing blankets over her face while sleeping. Lucky for us, she would cry every time she would get the blanket stuck on her face. However, there is only so much of this that a mama can take before the situation needed to be fixed. I just folded some fleece in half and sewed up the sides and presto! She's even been sleeping through the night since I made this. I'm not sure if its because she's staying warm in the sack or if she's just at that age, and was ready to sleep a little better, but either way this tired mama will take it!

Isn't this cool? I think I might try to convince the hubs to do this for the small walkway between my raised beds. I'm sorry but I can't remember where I found this picture, but I wanted to share it with you all.

And after all that hard work a girl needs a little bit of chocolate. See all the melted chocolate inside the bag. Its just a tragedy... what a waste of perfectly good chocolate! We went grocery shopping earlier this week and had to take a pick up since I had plants and gardening supplies to pick up. Of course it was about 90* that day and while we tried to make sure that everything that needed to be inside in the cool air was in, somehow these bits of goodness got left in the back of the truck where they proceeded to melt into a giant blob of dark chocolate. Bummer.


Hint of Grace said...

Your raised beds look great! And dontcha love the columbine? Mine is blooming too...so pretty.

Gumbo Lily said...

Love that walkway/path. I'm guessing it is made of sawed logs?
Mary looks happy in her "snuggy."


Jennifer said...

Oh my.. 9 inches of rain? Wow.
I love your raised beds, my garden has been a failure this year as well as my yard and flowers. :(