Sunday, April 3, 2011

Caking Day

This morning the hubs came and picked us up to do a little bit of caking. No we don't feed our animals cake for breakfast. Alfalfa cake is a pellet that is made up of compressed alfalfa hay.

The ewes (girl sheep) and their lambs are living in the pasture right in front of our house for the time being. When they saw the hubs pull the caker truck up in the driveway they decided to patiently wait at the car gate for us to come and feed them.

It took a little bit of engine revving to get these girls and babies out of the way so that we could drive through and get them fed.

From there we went on to the cows that will start calving in a couple weeks. These ladies are some big mama's-to-be and they want their yummy treat.

The hubs and Hazel Peach coming back in from letting the chute down on the cake feeder. You can see the cows giving their "hurry up" look while they wait for the hubs to get back inside the truck. Sorry for the splotchy windows, its been real muddy out here lately.

And lastly here are the herd bulls, our big boys. They're so pretty! I'm sure they wouldn't be so happy if they knew I was calling them pretty since they're such manly looking bulls. I think its so funny that the guy on the right can pick his nose with his tongue.

Well its a blustery day with a little bit of sleet out here on the Montana prairie with chances for more snow/rain in the next couple of days. Its been a nice day to relax and spend inside with the family. I hope you all have a good week!


Jennifer said...

It amazes me the difference in weather. We're drying up and blowing away!
My hubby has to feed every day, and even so some of his 'girls' are looking pretty rough. I think I want to move to Montana! ;)
Great pictures! My hubby likes Herefords. My grandpa worked on a ranch in Tx that raised Herefords and I was always so amazed at how massive they are. We just have a motley herd of this and that's.

Elizabeth Martin said...

Hey there - just found your blog!
Was wondering if you would care to do a guest post on our blog "Faces of Agriculture" - a blog about ranchers and farmers. Please send me an email at if interested. We would love to have you share your story!