Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Adam has been trying to convince me to get a bench put in our mudroom for a while and I have been resisting because his idea of a nice bench and mine aren't the same. He wanted to build one out of a old bench seat that came out of his old suburban and I just wasn't going to have that in my house. He can be so crazy sometimes.

I'd had this woodworking website saved for just a time like this. I had been looking for a way to build some simple picture frames when I came across Knock Off Wood, now known as She has plans for all sorts of furniture for your home. I came across her farmhouse table and fell in love. I decided to use plans she had for the bench that goes with the table and here is what the hubs made for the mudroom after a little nudging from me.

However, on Anna's site she lists a disclaimer that she hasn't built all the plans that are on her website so they might not all be accurate. She asks that if you notice any discrepancies with her plans that you list them in the comment section for that plan so that others can make the changes as well. I encourage you to read through all the comments just to make sure everything went well for the people who have already built the project. On this bench there were a few changes made by Don, who commented on a couple material and cut mistakes he found in the plans.

I left a comment for the changes we made to our own bench.


Jennifer said...

I love it!!!

grampy said...

I'm impressed! Adam's grandpa builds furniture right? Definitely better than the old suburban seat would have been. Love you, Nanny & Grampy G.

Jaimi_C said...

Thanks everyone! Nanny, yes, his grandpa does but Adam decided to give it a shot himself and there are a few mess ups but it only makes it look more rustic ;)