Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bread Dance

I did a little bit of a bread dance this morning because my dough turned out the best it ever has since I've been making bread and other goods. It starts with a BIG smile, followed by some clapping, and lastly, jumping up and down in the kitchen while your children and husband look at you like you've gone crazy. Just look how smooth my dough turned out. I'm so proud!

Along with some cinnamon rolls that have been coated with a green icing left over from St. Patty's Day, I made these rolls as well. I've made rolls before but they've always been lumpy and never quite round like they should be, but at least they always tasted good. These are so pretty. Practice is definitely helping out.

For Christmas hubby bought me my big mixer that I'd been eyeing for a couple of years but just couldn't justify spending the money on when I had my hands and a handheld mixer right at my fingertips. However, now that I have it, I love to use it, especially when making bread because it kneads the bread just right and I could never figure out how to properly do it by hand.

This powerhouse is the Bosh Universal Plus mixer and I picked it over the popular Kitchen Aid mixers for a couple of reasons. Number one being that my MIL has one that she has had for many, many years that has been used to make too many to count loaves of bread, cookies, and other things for a family of seven and its still running strong. The second reason I picked this was because of how easy it is to add ingredients on top unlike the Kitchen Aid mixers which have the head hanging over the bowl. After watching the Food Network for years now, I've seen all of their cooks have a fun time trying to add ingredients, like flour, into the mixer very carefully. With this mixer it has a splash guard on top (clear ring) that you can use if you want to or not, but either way  you still have easy access to dump or pour things in.

You can get this mixer with a blender, nutrimill, food processor and other attachments. You can see on the right side of the mixer where all the attachments fit in. There's even a series of videos on Youtube demonstrating that this mixer has the capacity and power to hold enough dough to make 9 loaves of bread. That's a lot of dough!


grampy said...

The rolls look absolutely perfect! Bet they taste good too.Lou you, Nanny

grampy said...

Oops! Hit the the wrong keys. Not smart enough to fix it after it was published. LOVE you! Nanny

Jennifer said...

Yum! I need to make bread this week. I have a Bosch too, mine is a little different. But they are defiantly a good investment!

Gumbo Lily said...

Your buns look perfect! So glad you are having such good luck with your new Bosch. Wishing you many, many years of success with your new kitchen servant.