Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing Our Bundle of Joy

We welcomed our second child Monday evening.
Mary came in at 8lbs. 9oz. and 20 inches long.
Mom and baby are doing great and we can't wait to
get to know our new little one as she grows!


Jennifer said...

Awww! So precious! Congrats!

Storybook Woods said...

Congratulations Jami, she is perfect. Clarice

Ali said...

Congratulations Jaimi! She is just beautiful!

grampy said...

She is perfect! We now have 5 perfect great grandaughters! Can't wait to see her. Love you, Nanny & Gpa. G.

Cheyenne said...

What a precious, precious babe. All babies are cute-but they aren't all beautiful-and she is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! :) Enjoy every moment of it-and take care of YOU, too. God bless you, Jaimi!