Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Mother's Thoughts and Crafts

The other night we were sitting in the living room when Hazel crawls up on my lap and starts talking to me about whatever she can think of: toys, tractors, grammie and papa, pine cones, and so on. Then she says to me, "So....whadda ya think mama." We talked back and forth for a while, but then it was time to put her down for the night. She now makes sure we have a proper hug and kiss before she goes to bed and runs through the checklist to make sure she has her manekit (blanket), peep-peep (her stuffed yellow chick from her great nanna), turtle (who she think says "ribbit, ribbit), and last of all her sippee in case she gets thirsty in the middle of the night.

After we laid her down for the night I asked the hubs, "Do you think we'll always remember this 2 1/2 year version of our daughter.? How she talks, acts, and even how small she is?" I'm not sure of the answer, but I hope that I always do. She's growing up fast and is changing everyday.

I gave her her first hair cut a couple nights ago. I took an inch and a half of her blond curls off.

I wanted to find some easy crafts for us to do and something that would help me remember just how small she was as the years go by. For Thanksgiving I traced her hands and made little turkeys out of them. For Christmas I found this simple reindeer project. I covered them all with contact paper so that they'll last and I can take them out year after year. Now that we've been tracing her hands and feet she really enjoys it, and even tries to trace her toy animals feet while telling them, "hold still."

Lastly, this project was something I did for the Christmas tree since we still don't have a star or angel to put on top of our Christmas tree. I used this tutorial on Gumbo Lily and I used some vintage paper patterns from my Repro Depot books.


Cheyenne said...

What a brilliant idea to sort of freeze these holidays and remember another tiny piece of our little one's lives. Thanks for sharing.

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your ideas to save some little hands and feet. I like your star too!