Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Back!

It's not that I was planning time away from my blog, it just happened, and now that I finally have something to blog about, here I am! We just celebrated our 5th anniversary this past weekend so the hubby and I left Hazel Peach at the grandparents for a couple of days and headed down to the big city to have some fun and take it slow for once. This was our first time leaving Hazel overnight, so I had to be a good mom and not worry too much, and not call to see how things were going. All went well and she was happy to see us when we got home the next night.

This past week we did ultrasounds on the cows and today hubs, FIL and MIL went to gather the heifers and their calves for weaning, which makes for a couple of loud nights of nights. Later this week the guys will be doing some digging and putting in a couple tire tanks, water tanks made out of big tractor tires, around the place. Next it'll be time to do some more work in the feed lots since we'll be getting some steer calves that we'll be keeping in there over the winter and we'll move our bulls in there when the weather starts to get bad until our bull sale in a couple of months.

Things have been pretty slow around here so I haven't had anything to post about, but here are some pictures.

Down in the big city we have an Airforce base that is one of the two bases where the B-1 bombers are kept and they use the open plains around where we live as a training facility. We're full of buzzing year round, and sometimes they'll even sneak up on you and buzz by pretty low and you won't even know they're coming until they've passed over you and given you a good scare. I think its fun and don't mind that they're using our houses and tractors as target practice. I guess we're going what we can to help our military out : ) Every once in a while they'll do some fun drawings in the sky and its fun to see what they come up with. Above is what I call the lasso, and below is what I call the "Big D."

Here's Hazel taking a stroll with her three kitties, Spaghetti-O, Cheerio, and Fluffy. The two O's were named that because each one has a patch of light colored hair in the shape of an "O" on their sides.

I was pulling up some carrots for lunch today and I came upon this one that reminded me of a mama with her baby sitting on her hip. I know, how cheesy, maybe its because I'm preggers that I see it this way, but I thought I would share it with you anyways.

I finally got down to business and got some sewing done. I figured that I better get my fall table runner done before I waited too long and fall was over. Have I ever told you how awesome Charm Packs are? Well, they are! They're fabric from a collection pre-cut into 5 inch squares and they are so handy. They're great for a fake "quilted" look and they're even more fabulous to make toy blocks with. For this table runner I used Moda's Saltbox Harvest collection.


Cheyenne said...

Your little girl is precious beyond belief. I love that photo!

Happy Anniversary to you! Good for you to get away...

Your table runner is beautiful...

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! We also celebrate this month, 4 years. :)
The carrot pic cracked me up! ;) It does look like a momma an child.

Gumbo Lily said...

You've captured some excellent pictures there, Jaimi. I like the sky drawings and of course our lil Peach. The carrots are fun too.

Cute table runner!


Anonymous said...

I love the table runner that you made!!! Your life sounds lovely! :)

Plain Ol' Vanilla said...

What a great looking tablerunner. You will enjoy it for years.


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, what a beautiful table runner just right for autumn. Happy anniversary!