Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simple Sundays

Sometimes its the simple things in life that make it better...

These are a miracle in a box! Hazel loves to color and sometimes she gets a little carried away and goes off the paper, or decides to drag a purple crayon down the hall as she goes to visit daddy on the computer. With these all you need is water and they wipe right off! Not kidding! We even had a piece of orange get under our recliner and it got smushed under the tracks. On top of that the hubs pulls the recliner out while I push it back in closer to the wall, so needless to say, there was a LONG track of bright orange crayon worn into the carpet. Uh Oh! All it took was a swipe or two over it with a Bissel carpet cleaner and the orange was completely gone!! We won't be using anything but these in the future. I sent the other non-washable crayons out to the shop where the hubs will use them to make marks on metal when he needs to cut it for his projects.

I found this at the local Target store (love that place) and I fell in love. I needed to replace my little 8 inch non-stick pan and I didn't ruin it by using metal utensils in it so I found this nifty whisk. Its silicone covered so it won't scratch the non-stick surface. Fabulous! I also like to use it on my regular pots and pans and it kind of works like a rubber spatula to scrape things off the side while I'm cooking.

This past week I broke down and put out the fall decorations. I love the way a few simple touches here and there and a change in colors can change the whole mood of the house.


Cheyenne said...

It REALLY IS the simple things in life, eh? I love setting out the fall decorations, making hot apple cider, but yes, hate to admit that we are at that time of year.

We actually just made a trip down to the States and one of my VERY FAVORITE places to visit is Target..gosh, I could spend hours in there.

Washable crayons? Sweet!

Hint of Grace said...

your little pumpkins are so cute! and washable crayons are a great idea- very cool.

Happy fall! :)

Jennifer said...

Washable crayons! Who knew?

Gumbo Lily said...

Hooray for washable crayons! No such thing when my kids were tots. What will they come up with next?

Pretty fall decorating, Jaimi.