Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changing of the Seasons

The changing of the seasons is once again sneaking its way into our weeks a day or two at a time with cooler days and chilly nights. You can just smell Fall in the air while summer is trying its hardest to hang on with a few 90+ days here and there. For us northerners, summer will be over pretty soon and we'll enjoy a bit of fall and then head into the cold and snowy winter.

For right now things are slowing down a little out here on the ranch. The haying is done, so now it will all need to be moved into the hay corrals, the guys have building, tearing down, repairing, and other odd jobs to do. The bulls will be moved into the feedlots soon and before we know it, we'll be getting ready for our annual bull sale in November.

Here are some pictures from around the house.

The plants in my garden are starting to look pretty sad now. The tomatoes are on their way to turning red and the onions have been pulled and are drying out now. Its was a bit of a bummer in the garden this year since my onions didn't get very big and my carrots are so skinny that it won't be worth freezing them this year. Oh well! I'm full of zucchini and I'm proud of my first year strawberries!

Look at these beauties! They just came off the truck today and my MIL and I will definitely be having a canning day this week. These are so yummy to have in the middle of winter and I also like to use them to grind up for baby food instead of buying baby food from the store.

We had a day of hauling in bales and managed to get 700 moved in. Hubby's grandpa comes out and spends the day driving one of the trucks with a flat bed, while the brothers-in-law swap turns with "Purple Haze" (above) and another truck with a flatbed. We'll have to have another day or two of moving since we still have about 2,000 bales left out in the field.

Here are a couple bibs I made as a gift for a friend who welcomed her second little one in July. I just love all the "new retro" (is that an oxymoron? Not sure) prints that they're coming out with now.

Have a good week everyone!

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Cheyenne said...

It sure does feel like Fall, eh? It actually froze hard here night before last. eek!

The bibs look fantastic..I'm just about crazy for the reproduction print stuff right now. I'm working on a quilt out of '30's material for a lil boy and am lovin it..

You should get away for a couple of days before things get busy again! (They are always kind of busy, right?) :)