Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decluttering, Making Soap, and Stains

These past couple of days have been quite busy around the house with all sorts of activities. I've been reading the book, "Sink Reflections" by Marla Cilley a.k.a. the Fly Lady. Right now I'm on the chapter about decluttering the house. It really lit a fire under me realizing that now with the second baby on the way, space is just going to start getting tighter and tighter from here on out. We don't have a big house and its not too full with clutter, but enough that if I were to let it go, the house would start to get uncomfortable and we'd be banging into things all over the house.

So it was time to start emptying out closets, which I would call my hot spots ( a place that collects a bunch of junk or papers all the time). I've done this many times before and kept putting stuff back in that I just kept rationalizing that I would use again someday...eventually...if ever...right? Well, not this time. Mama meant business. Things went out! Most went in the garbage, but a couple of things were in good enough condition that I could send them on to my sister-in-law's garage sale she'll be having this weekend in town. I got all of the closets done! Hallelujah!

A while ago I picked up four or five of the Homestead Blessings DVDs since they were on sale for half off. I really wanted to watch the movie about soap making to see if it would be something I would be interested in trying. It was a really good and informative show.

The process of making soap always scared me away because it looked too picky and detailed to even mess with, so I always just ran in the other direction. Not with these ladies. They made the process simple, well-explained, and gave fun ideas on what you can do with your soap. I headed over to my MIL's house and got to work. Here is a look at the finished product. Sorry I didn't take more pictures, I forgot the camera at home.

We left the soap plain with no scents or any extra additives because we'll be splitting it between my MIL, SIL, and myself. These bars still have another 2-3 weeks of "curing" to do so that they'll be hard and ready to use. After that, we're going to make milled soap, where we'll grate up a couple of bars at a time and melt them down and then add scents or whatever to our own liking.

Last of all, we just bought six new unfinished chairs since ours are starting to go to pieces. We've had this kitchen table and chair set since I was a little girl, so I'd say they've put in their share of hard work. The table is in pretty good shape still and it fits our kitchen space well, so we opted to just get chairs for now. So here I am with six chairs that are being stained with multiple coats of stain and then with a couple coats of polyurethane. Its taking quite some time, but I know it'll be worth it in the end.


Cheyenne said...

I love, love homemade soap!

Oh, Flylady, how I love thee....sort of. I get all fired up, and then a good month later I'm back to my old ways! She has helped me clean out some big messes, though. :)

Jennifer said...

I have been wanting to make soap, but have been rather intimidated by the whole process. Plus, I'm scared of the lye. However, I think it would be a neat thing to learn.