Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching Up

Hi there everyone! Sorry for such a long absence, it wasn't planned, its just been pretty boring around here lately. We've been having nice weather for the most part so we've been spending a lot of our days outside playing or working in the yard. I figured that I would catch you up on what's been going on out here on the prairie.

The wildflower season has kicked into gear out in the pastures. Here are some wild sweet peas the hubs brought me on his way home from fencing.

All sorts of birds have been making their way though. This is a Bullock Oriole. My first sighting.

These blue-headed little cuties are Lazuli Buntings. Their one of my favorites!

The strawberries at the store looked so good and were a decent price so I decided to whip up a small batch of jelly. The house smelled so yummy, Frank Sinatra played in the back ground, and Hazel danced around
while I kept an eye on things. Listening to Frank while making this has become sort of a tradition for us.

The jelly is super tasty on some plain vanilla ice cream with some chocolate sauce. Here's a little for you!

Here's the latest happenings from the yard. The bleeding heart bush is full of these colorful blooms. I like to dry/press these and use them on homemade cards.


Here are the carrots and onions coming along.

I spy some strawberries making their way!! I can't wait!

Can you see the sunflower plant in the foreground mixed in with the strawberry plants? They pop up everywhere and I just leave them alone.

These are my handy gloves for just about everything. Lately, they're been serving as my weed pulling gloves. I seem to have a lot of seriously prickly thistle popping up around the yard so these have come in handy getting them removed.

Here's the Aspen tree we planted last year. Both of the have come back strong and healthy. I love how the leaves sound like a light rain when their blowing around.

This is one of the first potato plants that are popping up in our six rows of spuds. More are joining them everyday.

The tomatoes are trying to make it. We haven't had any really warm weather yet and these little guys could really use some 80* days soon. I cut the bottoms out of plastic ice cream pails and spray painted them black last year to help the plant stay a little warmer.


Ali said...

Love the update, looks like things are moving along nicely at your place. I need to post an update too, nothing too exciting though. I love your birds, the buntings are soo cute! And I tried tasting the ice cream, but it just didn't taste right through the computer screen.... ;-) I love your aspen tree, I planted a couple quaking aspen last year and they are so small! But I can't wait until they are big enough to hear the leaves rustle, I love it!

Gumbo Lily said...

What a great update, Jaimi! The strawberry jam makes my mouth water.