Monday, March 8, 2010

We're Melting, Melting

We've been experiencing some heavy "pea soup" fog for over a week now and even a little rain/snow the other day, but today we finally got a break in the weather so Hazel and I decided to go splash around in the mud and show you all what's been happening here on the ranch.
These ladies are the important mama's for the moment. Now that the lambing has finished, the heifers have started calving (I'll get some pics of the new calves up soon!). The guys go out and check on them every hour during the day and every two hours during the night.

The chickens have flown the coop! They're enjoying a nice day outdoors with the cats. They thought we were bringing some scraps for them to snatch up. Sorry girls not today!

We were just talking the other night that I should make Penny an oilcloth apron since she's such a low rider : ) She's been getting so muddy lately that I'm shudder every time I walk into our mud room. What a sight with muddy paw prints everywhere. The broom and mop have become my best friends lately.

This is the stock dam over by my in-laws house. Its been so warm that the snow has been melting away at a pretty quick rate and the water is pouring into all the dams.

Here's a better view to show you just how full it is at the moment. If it gets any higher it would be washing out this side road pretty soon. We open a culvert that goes under the main road so that the dam won't over fill and wash this road out.

Here is the water running out of the culvert and down into the creek that runs only when we've had a lot of snow melting.

The creek is starting to run in the pasture south of our house. Its only running in certain spots since there is so much snow build-up throughout most of it.

My huge pile of snow is finally starting to melt and is causing a lake at the bottom of our driveway(below).

Welcome to my newly named Snow Lake. It only appears in the spring when the snow melts. Hazel loves to get right on the edge and splash around.


Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I had two Corgi's...but we lost them. :( We think coyotes probably got my little girl, and our doberman killed the boy. :(

Jaimi_C said...

How sad! We don't really get coyotes near our place, but we do have a pair of bald eagles, and I was worried to leave her outside when she was smaller for fear that they may think her a little bunny snack or something. She's been a good dog for us and Hazel really enjoys her.

About Me... said...

I sure enjoyed your blog. We must live south of you a bit. We live and ranch in NE Wyoming. I added you to my blog list. Come on over to mine for a visit.