Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm So Excited!

A couple posts back I mentioned that I use a site for swapping used books called, Paperback Swap where you can trade used books that are in good condition. This company has a sister site, Swap-a-DVD that lets you trade gently used DVDs. On both of these sites, if you're looking for a very popular or new item it can take quite a while for it to get to your turn in the line.

Today my number finally came up for a movie that I have been waiting for, for over a year and a half! It's called, North and South, and its based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel. A couple years ago my MIL introduced me to the world of Jane Austen flicks and other similar movies, and ever since then, I've fallen in love. This movie is about 3.5 hours long, I know, its crazy! But my other favorite, Pride and Prejudice, is a whopping 5 hours!! So pick one up and plan an all day girl movie day! Here are some of my favorites:

*all pictures are from Amazon.com


Plain Ol' Vanilla said...

North and South is one of our favorite movies (truly the book is much better). I hope you enjoy it as much as do.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Have you seen the new Pride and Prejudice? I really like it, my BFF has seen both and likes them both! I have to read the book for school this year, we'll see if I can wade through her writing style :)