Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Lambs!

We got our first new babies of the season. Twin lambs! MIL found them this morning around 5:00 when she went up to the barn to check. By the time we went back up around 8:15 they were up, and had gotten some milk and were cleaned off pretty good by their mama. That's always a good sign that both mom and baby, babies in this case, are starting off with a good relationship.
When we get new lambs, both baby and mother are placed in a "jug," which is a small pen, so that they can have some bonding time, get used to one another, and to make sure that baby is getting some milk. They will spend a couple days in there and then they are moved into a bigger pen with 3-4 other moms and their babies. Weather permitting, we move them out to a near-by pasture when the lambs are strong enough to be outside all day. At night we place them in a shed to help keep everyone a little warmer.


Josh said...

Hi Jaimi!
Babies are always so exciting! We are all enjoying getting to know you through your blog, and thanks for following our farm blog!


Gumbo Lily said...

Cute blog design, Jaimi!