Thursday, January 28, 2010

What About Your Husband?

Yesterday afternoon the hubs and I went down to the "Big City" to deliver a bull that has been waiting for a ride to his new home since our bull sale in November. He gave me the customary, "we'll leave in a couple hours," which translates into, get ready, pack your stuff up and be ready to head out the door when he pulls into the driveway to pick me up.

So I started putting on some make-up, straighted my hair up, put on my nice dress jeans, a nice sweater, and even some pretty dangly earrings. As I was putting the back on one of my earrings I stopped and thought, "What in the world am I getting so dressed up for?" We weren't stopping anywhere except to meet the guy that was going to haul our bull and to get some diesel on the way home. This was a get down there and get back trip.

Then I realized, whats so wrong with dressing up for just your husband? NOTHING! In fact it rarely gets done! We as ladies will primp and preen for a trip to town, the mall, or a night out with friends, but how often do we just dress up for our husbands. Something besides the dirty t-shirt the baby has wiped her nose on a thousand times or the muddy jeans that are leftover from time outside.

GUILTY as charged right here! Since we live out in the middle of nowhere, I don't worry about putting make-up on everyday, fixing my hair to it maximum potential, or dressing in anything more than a t-shirt and jeans. I know there are days that even I don't want to take a look in the mirror, but bless my husbands heart, he still manages to tell me I look beautiful. *Sigh* So ladies dress up for your husbands every once in a while. I'll bet they enjoy it.


ACountryCowgirl said...

I have these thoughts also:) and yes it is nice to just dress up for him to:) My husband always says he likes me best with my hair in pigtails and my work clothes, but I am sure he enjoys it when I do myself all up to:) Thank the LORD for country boys who love their down home country girls:)

Ali said...

Boooy do I know that feeling! Hubby always says he likes me best with no makeup on, we are lucky to have country boys who aren't too judgmental on looks, but I know they like it when we get all prettied up too! We actually made it to church a couple weeks ago and I got dressed up and then when we got home I changed while he went out to the barn for a few mins. When he came back he was like "why'd you take off your cute outfit?" lol he is so silly ;-) made me feel good though!

Gumbo Lily said...

Amen! Good advice.