Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cleaning My Fun Room

For Christmas this year (I've been thinking about it for over a month now!) I decided that I would like to try to make a few homemade items instead of going out and buying gifts. Of course I will be buying some things as well, but I figured that this would give me the chance to really work on my sewing skills since these will be gifts presented to others and not just something that stays in my home. Cleaning my fun room was on today's agenda. And here it is...tada!

It looks so nice and clean! You should have seen it before...eeekkk! My table was piled high with patterns, fabric, and the floor was covered in snipped off thread...lets just say it was a mess. I posted a to-do list above my table so that I make sure to get everything done in time for the holidays, separated my fabric into a scrap and fat quarter drawer, longer fabrics in another, and heavy weight fabrics in another. Sewing notions went into another drawer, craft items went into their drawers according to cards, ribbons, scrapbook paper, construction paper, stamps and inks, and even a drawer full of tape and adhesives.  I cleaned out my sewing box and organized all of my patterns. *Phew* lots of labels to make!

Every once in a while I go online to all these neat blogs and find all sorts of things to make, print off the directions and patterns and staple them together and toss them in my filing cabinet. Well, what do you do with them once you have loose patterns falling out of their directions? My solution was to put each project in its own clear paper protector and clip it into an old binder I had laying around for just such a thing. Now each project has all of its matching pieces and I won't have to dig around an old file to find everything.

And here is a picture of "Old Faithful", who will be getting me through all of these days of sewing. She's hidden inside this cabinet, isn't that cool? My mom said she got this machine at a yard sale back in the 80's for $15-20. Amazing! And she chugs away perfectly. She may not be able to do a fancy zig-zag stitch anymore, but she sure can straight stitch perfectly every time, not counting human error of course. I think I'm start to sound like my husband and the way he talks about his cars : )

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Gumbo Lily said...

Your projects are turning out beautifully. All that organizing makes the work go so much easier. Nice job!